Wine with style & a legacy

The cold climate, pristine environment and ancient soils is perfect for crafting world class sparkling wine.

Our Philosophy

It's a science and an art

The philosophy for Arras sparkling wines is simple, to create world class sparkling wines. Created by Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker, Ed Carr, outstanding fruit are sourced across Tasmania's premium cold climate regions. The art of blending sparkling wine is one that can only be mastered by perfecting the craft, patience to allow the wine to mature at its own pace and the experience to know when it is at its best. The entire portfolio of Arras sparkling wines are held back between 3-10 yrs to give these wines the distinction, quality and maturity they require to be world class, unique sparkling wines.

  • We have remained true to this vision and are committed to cementing our reputation as being the best of the best and one of the great sparkling wine houses of the world.

    Ed Carr

  • These wines express their age, they express their origin. This gives Arras a uniqueness which is our style – it’s an essence, it’s a magical part of winemaking to be able to take wines to this age.

    Ed Carr

  • Our wines express the purity, clean air and cold climate of this island. Ancient soils make the vines work a little bit harder to grow the grapes. What we've learnt is how these grapes can express their best.

    Ed Carr

wine regions

Our Home


For more than a decade, the House of Arras team has been identifying and developing the ideal vineyard sites for world class sparkling wine. This journey has led the House of Arras to call the ancient soils and cold climate of Tasmania home. Its climate is significantly cooler than the mainland, with long summer daylight and maritime influences, which are Ideal conditions for long, slow and consistent fruit development. The House of Arras sources fruit from many outstanding vineyards in southern Tasmania and the south east coast. Each location bestows its own nuances of character on chardonnay and pinot noir fruit.

Wine Regions

Tamar Valley

Probably the best-known of the Tasmanian sub-regions, the valley is well-suited to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is one of the warmer, wetter sub-regions of Tasmania and provides grapes with rather ripe, forward flavours with moderate intensity. A very reliable area for production of top quality wine.

Pipers River

Our home turf and amongst our most important sparkling wine grape sources. Pipers River is one of the coolest sub-regions, with moderating winds keeping the daily temperature variation low. It has the highest winter rainfall of all the major grape growing areas in Tassie has and is supported by rich red ferrosol soils.

Coal River Valley

A sheltered valley in the south, this sub-region is distinguished by its ability to produce very high quality slow maturing cool climate grapes of nearly all varieties and styles. With moderate temperatures and low rainfall, it embraces a variety of soil types and produces fruit with softness and perfume.

East Coast

Centered around the beautiful coastal town of Swansea, our east coast growers produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of a robust, muscular nature with wonderful depth of flavour. Conditions in the area are relatively warm and dry, with the maritime influence minimising temperature variation and keeping the relative humidity high.

Huon Valley

Commanding the southernmost tip of Tasmania, it is the coolest and wettest sub-region of Tasmania. We source many of our top sparkling grapes from the hardy and determined growers in this pristine corner of Australia.

Derwent Valley

Split into two very distinct sections; the Upper and Lower Derwent. The Lower Derwent is warm and sheltered, producing fruit with great richness and ripeness ? including wonderful Pinot Noir. The Upper Derwent experiences much colder nights and is the driest grape producing area we source from. This region supplies us with incredible quality sparkling wine grapes, producing wines with the greatest elegance, finesse and complexity.


Ed Carr

Ed Carr is Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker with 34 years experience in the Australian wine industry - 27 of these involved with sparkling wine production. He has long held the belief that Tasmania can, and should, produce exceptional sparkling wines equal to the world's best. Over the past 20 years Ed Carr has amassed more than 100 trophies in Australian wine shows including 21 consecutive "Best Sparkling White Wine of Show" trophies at capital city wine shows.

It was Ed's foresight and firm belief in the potential of Tasmania as Australia's best sparkling fruit resource that was the driving force behind the company's 1995 decision to produce Tasmanian prestige cuvée, evolving into the House of Arras range. December 2002 marked the exciting release of the 1998 Arras - the first vintage made from 100% Tasmanian fruit.

Our Story

The art of Blending

The Making

The art of blending sparkling wine is one that can only be mastered with years of experience. Many individual parcels are woven together to create the final blend, each bringing its own profound character to the complete wine. The world's leading sparkling wines require time to develop complexity and character. Part of Ed Carr's long term vision for the House of Arras was to release a single vintage wine with a minimum of 8 years tirage age. This vision is now realised as the House of Arras takes the next step in its journey.